Lawn Games

Lawn Games

Balance beam (Love Pole)

The delegates are arranged in height from shortest to tallest, ballancing themselves on a pole. The object of the task is for them to rearrange themselves on the pole from tallest to shortest without losing their balance.

Blindfold Quad Driving Challenge:

Your team give instructions on how to navigate the vehicle around a twisting, turning track whilst the driver is blindfolded. Just to make it harder you’ll be running against the clock.

Blind Walk:

The task places delegates in a demarcated area, where there are several different obstacles of various height, width and length, which the delegates need to navigate. One team member with good communication skills will assist the blind folded member of her/his team through the course. Once again the whole team need to rotate in as far as communication and listing.

Deactivating a Landmine:

The object of the games is for teams to balance a scale made out of a plank on a drum. Using only ropes teams must fill a bucket with water to balance the scale … this will deactivate your landmine.

And many more, to view the full list of lawn games, click here to download the pdf.