Around the World

Around the World

Each team will draw a mystery country out of the mixing pot. The team must then present the country making use of different means. The object of the activity is for each team to represent the country they have drawn from the mixing pot.

First the teams must answer questions of the country they have drawn. For each incorrect answer each team member must drink a shooter made up of traditional drinks from each country (non-alchoholic bevrages will be available as well).

Second team members must paint a T-Shirt to visibly represent their “country”. Then they must perform a concert that can include traditional dancing, singing, etc. to represent their “country”.

This activity is adaptable to any age group, size and fitness level. It can be used as an indoor or outdoor activity.

Price includes facilitation, drinks, T-Shirts, paint, shoot glasses and any other equipment.

Additional options to add onto this challenge:

– Venue with Around the World theme evening.