Corporate Bootcamp

Corporate Bootcamp

A sure way to sort the men from the boys. Boot Camp team building activities follow structured tasks combined with fun army style role-playing and an all for one ambience. The Off Limits Sergeant will take control of your guests and challenge them to complete the tasks set for them. Punctuality, appearance and discipline will all play a part in the team becoming the heroes of the day.

The theme serves as an effective icebreaker in itself, calling on all recruits to be loud and verbal further ensuring maximum participation within the team – the quiet ones will surprise you.

Team members will feel as if they are in the army, as they are ordered to compete in physical activities such as Trust fall, obstacle course, pole running, navigation and many more.

Teams will be pushed beyond their limits to achieve goals they never thought they could reach. Both mental and physical conditioning is the by-product of this single or multi-day activity.

Included in the price is bandana, facilitation and all equipment.

Additional options to add onto this challenge:

  • T-shirts at an additional cost.