Paintball Games


We can offer you Paintball Warfare which is full contact c


ombat style or you can leave on your suit and tie and try your hand at Paintball target shooting.

Paintball Warfare is about capturing the opposing teams’ flag, or simply everyman for himself trying not to get shot! We supply protective clothing, headgear, a gun and limited ammunision for each contestant. Tactical warfare and all the adrenaline that comes with it can be sore and a little bruising – but lots of fun and all in good spirits.

Target shooting is the non “Eina” option!

This activity can be combined with other team building activities. It is adaptable to any age group, ability, sex or fitness level. It is only available outdoors.

Prices include Activities, Facilitation and Equipment.

Additional options to add onto this challenge:

Combination of other team building activities (see lawn games) at an additional cost of R100.00.